ELV License & Information

Here you will find some more information regarding the ELV License 

ELV License & Information

B J Car Salvage follows the strict ELV (End of Life Vehicle) regulations put in place in 2003. The ELV legislation aims to reduce the amount of waste produced from vehicles when they are scrapped and ensure that storing and treating ELV does not harm the environment.

Cat S/c/d/m – What do the care Insurance Write Off Categories Mean?

A car can be one of four write off categories, depending on the severity of the damage. These were changed in 2017 when the Association of British Insurance (ABI) changed its salvage codes to reflect the structural damage to a car rather than focusing solely on the cost of repair. The new categories are as follows:

Category A: The most serious category. Category A write off must be crushed. It can never legally be put back on the road again. Parts cannot be removed from the vehicle, even if they appear to be salvageable.

Category B: This signifies serious damage. The car again should never be used again on the roads and its body shell must be crushed. Parts may be removed from the vehicle for use on other cars.

Category S: (Formerly Category C) The car has suffered structural damage and would be economical to repair. If repaired by a professional, it may be returned o the road.

Category N: (Formerly Category D) The least severe category. Damage is non-structural, but could affect safety-critical features such as breaks or steering. Category D write offs may be returned to the road, but not until they have been professionally repaired.

What Is ELV?

ELV legalisation applies to cars and vans, and the treatment requirements apply to all waste motor vehicles including:

  • Three-wheeled Motor Vehicles
  • Coaches
  • Buses
  • Motorcycles
  • Goods Vehicles, e.g Lorries

The process in which we follow for the ELV is detailed below: 

  • Batteries Removed
  • Tyres Removed
  • Airbags & Pre-tensioners Deployed

The vehicle is then connected to the depollution rig to drain down all hazardous chemicals such as petrol, diesel, engine/gearbox oil, air-conditioning fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze & screenwash. The vehicle shell is then crushed & recycled.

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